There is no one size fits all when it comes to property investment, always speak with your property advisor to discuss your property investment strategy and if opportunities align.

Five life lessons kids learn from owning property

Great parent wants nothing but the best for their children. We want to nurture, protect and provide for them, but also serve up ‘tough love’ when needed to ensure they become resilient, independent humans. In the process, we’ll discover myriad ‘teachable moments’...

Three lessons that could save you tens of thousands

Nick Menz - National Acquisition Director - ASPIRE Property Advisor Network A couple of things right off the bat. Sometimes miscommunication around property can result in expensive outcomes. Also, in the investment process, you’ll come across real estate operators...

How vacancy rates drive prices

There are many metrics in the analytical quiver of property advisors. Some are more crucial than others, but they all help identify locations with great investment potential. Among the flock of numbers is vacancy rates, a lead indicator that can telegraph the imminent...
Long-term strategy and non-attachment key to livevesting

Long-term strategy and non-attachment key to livevesting

The West Australian discusses LiveVesting. You may have heard of rentvesting, but ASPIRE Property Advisor Network Founder and Managing Director Richard Crabb said once-in-a-generation events had seen the rise of livevesting. “Livevesting has resulted from an...

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