There is no simple answer to this question!

Anyone who advises you there is, is displaying their ignorance.

The choice of an appropriate property investment needs to be made on the basis that it meets as many of the individual investor’s budget,preferences, tax burden, goals, experience, legal structure, time frames and risk profile requirements to name just a few of the criteria that a qualified and honest advisor will take into account before making recommendations.

A professional advisor  will make recommendations that suit your needs, not theirs!

Most ‘investment companies’ work from a stock list. Their task is to convince you that what is on their list at that point in time (often a result of exclusive deals with developers to shift their product!) is the “greatest thing since sliced bread” or that there’s only one type of property or location worth considering.

They effectively have to force square pegs into round holes.

As in life generally, beware of those who think they know it all, the more educated you are, the more you know, the less you really know!

Engaging a property investment advisor is a fee for service advice model. The emphasis is knowing the client and their needs and working honestly and diligently to tick as many of their boxes as possible.

Transparency demands that you make it clear that there is no certainty in life or property investment for that matter. Anyone who tells you they what will happen and that this property/location etc will grow in value is using a crystal ball and a cloudy one at that!

What can be offered in all honesty is the best above average opportunities available based on the things that count.