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Case Study Perth – 5% Yield – Rented in 5 Days

Here is a case study that shows with the right strategy and team you can achieve results aligned to your goals. Below is the timeline of the journey a client undertook with a QPIA (Qualified Property Investment Advisor) – Accredited ASPIRE Advisor, ASPIRE...

How COVID has killed off ‘local investing’

If there’s been a silver lining among 2020’s challenges, it’s that humans have discovered a talent for adaption. It’s been all too easy to become entrenched in habits when we’re feeling safe in our environments. We choose to do things the way we’ve always done them,...

Why Australia’s unemployment number won’t kill property investment

There’s been some dire economic news delivered to the Australian public throughout 2020. From falling retail spending and GDP contraction to challenges with mainland China and the loss of export opportunities. But perhaps the most widely relatable among all the...

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