Adam Smith was a Scottish philosopher and is considered to be the founding father of Economics. Adam was a fan of self interest.

He believed it was the powerful building block of the market system that ensured what people wanted and at the price they were prepared to pay was provided.

He was also an advocate of specialisation – doing one thing and doing it well and relying on others to do their bit, or the “division of labour”,

In other words, we should become experts at what we do and let others do what they do well.

Now, while Adam’s treatise was illustrated by the intricacies and efficiencies of pin making,  21st century folk with fingertip access to cognitive tools, can be tempted to think they know everything about everything.

A recent Yale University study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology concluded that search engines and the plethora of information they provide at the touch of a screen, are making us think we know more than we do.

“Searching the Internet may cause a systematic failure to recognize the extent to which we rely on outsourced knowledge,” the study said. “… People mistake access to information for their own personal understanding of the information.”

This is so obvious when it comes to investing generally and particularly property investment. Many people are easily influenced by the media, who’s mission it is to sell stories and gain viewers/readers and so their modus operandi is often to exaggerate, catastrophize and to disturb with misleading  ‘half baked’ headlines and cherry picked information.

Being at a backyard BBQ seems to bring out the philosopher, politician and religious acolyte in many of us too….

It’s also a notorious source of dubious investment advice, mostly from those who have never invested in their lives!

Sometimes it’s motivated by bad experiences, other times ignorance, other times by fear and sometimes by jealousy!

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
Mark Twain

Making an investment property decision is an important one that should be made on the balance of evidence and qualified, professional advice, tailored to your particular circumstances, goals and preferences and importantly, your risk profile.

Taking control means deciding you want and need to create a better future, making a plan and then seeking support to implement it.

So, who are the team members you should gather around you and lean on?

Property Investment Advisor

Your number one go to on the journey is your qualified professional property investment advisor.

Skilled property investment advisors can guide you along the investment journey from initial steps to owning an expansive and diverse multi-property portfolio.

Professional advisors will walk you through a frank and fearless assessment of your personal situation, assessing your goals and available resources to map out a plan for building the best possible bespoke portfolio that meets your needs.

Property investment is an unregulated space at this point in time. Choose an advisor that is educated, qualified and verified.

Professional Indemnity insurance for property investment advice is rare and a represents a strong vote of confidence in a network of advisors who consistently work in their client’s best interests in an honest and compliant way.


Mortgage Broker

There’s no doubt the property investment journey is directly linked to an investor’s financial wherewithal.

Having a talented, efficient broker or financier on board to help achieve your wealth-building goals is essential.

Make sure you’re dealing with a broker who understands the overall investment landscape; and is also on board with your long-term personal investment plan.

Remember – an excellent financier will work with you to achieve your needs and overcome borrowing challenges.



Accountants with experience in property are essential. Not only will they minimise your tax through depreciation and negative gearing, they’ll ensure you’re complying with all relevant legislation.

In addition, they can advise on ownership structures, such as trusts and companies, that may help maximise your returns through clever long-term tax planning.


Financial planner (SMSF)

Like an accountant and property investment advisor, financial planners will seek ways to squeeze the most out of every dollar invested, this may mean identifying Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) opportunities.

The SMSF vehicle is an exceptionally clever way to invest for long-term returns and lower taxation, however it carries extra levels of compliance.

Ensure you have an SMSF financial advisor who can lead you along the correct path.



Having a spot-on solicitor or conveyancer to handle legal affairs during the purchase means you’ll never be left wondering. While most conveyancers can deal with transactions in varied locations, it is preferable to have someone knowledgeable in the state and council legislative and planning matters particular to your investment purchase.


Quantity surveyors (QS)  are an often-underutilised professional who can save you thousands in tax with a depreciation schedule. The cost of a QS report is usually offset by tax savings in year one of owning the asset.


Building Inspectors are your safety net professional during the progress and completion of a construction deal. Their role in guaranteeing your newly built investment ticks all the boxes for both compliance and quality makes them an essential supporting team member.


Property managers (PM) are your conduit for great tenant relationships. Talented PMs will select the best possible tenant from the pool of options. PMs are also across state-based legislation which sets out responsibilities for both you and your tenant under the lease agreement. In addition, PMs make sure your asset is well maintained. They can arrange contractors to attend to repairs, maintenance and other works if needed. Good property management is a risk management strategy.


Insurance broker is essential to minimize risks and secure your assets. Insurance brokers make sure you’re adequately covered as a landlord.

They also shop around for the best deal on premiums. Again, make sure you’re dealing with an experienced broker as part of your team.


Having the right professionals onside simply makes good sense.

With them on hand you can implement your plan with confidence.


The ASPIRE Property Advisor Network of professional independent property investment advisors can work with you to identify a proven professional team member at every stage of the investment journey.