To invest is to make an informed choice about delaying gratification now, taking on ‘good debt’ and building a business for the future to create income and wealth over time.

Speculation on the other hand is a risky roll of the dice! It is normally motivated by the desire to make quick profits and involves a much higher level of risk. It may turn out favourably or it may not!  Often it can mean losing your entire capital instead of just weathering some variations in gain around the trend.

Compare the two approaches:

Speculation is not advisable. Property is not a “get rich quick”scheme. Time in the market is important to allow for the inevitable variations around the trend of long term growth. This is why it is important to invest sustainably, that is, not to “bite off more than you can chew”. A qualified and honest adviser will encourage you to stay within your limits and also to begin as early as possible to allow the gift of time to do it’s work for you.