PIPA (Property Investment Professionals of Australia) has been formed by industry practitioners with the objective of representing the industry and raising the professional standards of all operators servicing consumers in property investment.
By adhering to a code of conduct and obtaining professional standards of accreditation through education, PIPA members demonstrate to the investing public, government, regulators, the media and other stakeholders within the property investment industry their commitment to excellence. and enhancement of educational and professional standards across the industry.


There are no shortcuts in life. Reward comes to those who educate themselves, plan, delay some gratification, practice self discipline and embrace the opportunities this great country of ours offers for wealth creation and self determination.

Education and property are the two things I am most passionate about professionally – abundance isn’t finite!

The possibilities investment provides to change lives are real but we need ethical and qualified people as guides.

Independent, qualified and professional advice is the key to success, but unfortunately, the property investment advice space is an unregulated industry at this point in time.

The ASPIRE Network, of which Investment Property PA is a foundation member, was formed with the mission to lift the bar in the property investment space and to provide a genuinely bespoke client advice service.

Investment Property PA is part of a network of like minded, independent professionals, including financial planners, accountants and brokers who together, strive to provide a complete service based on facts and a commitment to always act in the best interests of our clients.

Education and rigorous qualification standards are a natural barrier to entry and promote more consumer protection. We are all committed to doing our part to encourage government to introduce legislation regulating the industry in order to improve the quality of advice, the calibre of advisors and the outcomes for our clients.

When taking advice, take it from those professionals that have gone above and beyond the minimum required and are dedicated to bringing professional expertise to the property investment advice space.

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