Case Study Perth – 5% Yield – Rented in 5 Days

30 September, 2020

Here is a case study that shows with the right strategy and team you can achieve results aligned to your goals.

Below is the timeline of the journey a client undertook with a QPIA (Qualified Property Investment Advisor) – Accredited ASPIRE Advisor, ASPIRE Acquisitions, ASPIRE research team and other market leading professionals in their required fields. Watch the video below and summary of the timeline of the investment taking shape.


Client strategy and criteria: Maximum borrowing capacity $350k, freehold house and land (no strata/bodycorp fees), 4+% rental return, Australian Capital city in a market poised for potential capital growth over long-term


15th Sept 19: QPIA Advisor engaged to review strategy and implementation plan
1 October 2019:                Property Selected/EOI submitted – House and Land $329,999 (Under budget)
24 December 2019:         Land Settlement Completed
March 2020:                       Slab poured
14 July 2020:                       Practical Completion
30 July2020:                        Handover
6 August 2020:                   House Leased $320 Per Week 12 month lease. (Plan had forecasted for $300 per week)

Perth Rental Demand

Property manager Rent West stated, “Our office vacancy is under 1%.  Of 1500 properties under management we have 13 available for rent.  The current vacancy across Perth is approximately 2%.”.

The Building Journey

The Location

There is never a one size fits all when it comes to investing in property! There are different property types, locations (Australia Wide), budgets, risk profiles, goals and objectives for every investor. Working together with a QPIA (Qualified Property Investment Advisor) an Accredited ASPIRE Property Advisor Network Advisor in your investment team will assist to get the best potential outcome.

If you would like a no-obligation chat with an Advisor, feel free to call me and I will connect you – Richard 1300 710 933

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