Building the best property investment advisory team

Our world has evolved to the point where specialisation is now common place across a range of disciplines.

In truth, most of us excel at something – a particular talent we perform at a well-above-average standard.

It therefore follows that in other fields, there will be qualified folk who can tackle tasks that don’t fall within our personal skill set.

This frees up our time to concentrate on other matters, safe in the knowledge we are receiving the best possible assistance from experts in their respective fields.

There are few areas where this is better demonstrated than in the realm of property investment.

It’s a sensible equation. For example, if you can pay a contractor $75 an hour to complete a professional-finish paint job on your living room in half a day, why would you spend 10 hours of your own amateur time doing it yourself? It’s far more efficient if you devote that time to doing what you’re good at.

The other upside of employing specialists is the ability to leverage off their education, experience and networks. The value of the dollar spent on a specialist multiplies exponentially – you aren’t just paying for their time, but also the wealth of knowledge they bring to the arrangement.

So, given that drawing on experts makes sense, who exactly should smart property investors look to have on their A-grade team?

Your run-on side

Property Investment Advisor

Your number one go-to on the journey is your qualified professional property investment advisor.

Skilled property investment advisors make it their business to guide you along the investment path from beginning to end, regardless if it is your first investment or a multi-property portfolio.

The very best advisors will take a client from that first spark of investing inspiration through to the buying decisions and management.

Talented advisors will walk you through a frank and fearless assessment of your personal situation as well, assessing your goals and available resources to map out a plan for building the best possible bespoke portfolio.

Advisors are on hand to mentor you and ensure you’re staying on track.

Buyers’ Agent

Most buyers’ agents (BA) aren’t properly qualified to provide far-reaching property investment advice. If you are employing a buyers’ agent to help source and secure potential holdings, ensure they can work closely with your property investment advisor to confirm they’ll select assets which meet your long-term goals.

Also, check they’re experts in the particular locations and property types you’re looking to invest in.


There’s no doubting the property journey is directly linked to an investor’s financial wherewithal.

Having a talented broker or financier on board to help achieve your wealth-building goals is essential.

Make sure you’re dealing with a broker who understands not only the overall investment landscape, but is also on board with your long-term personal investment plan. Remember – an excellent financier will work with you to achieve your needs and overcome borrowing challenges. They don’t want to throw up unnecessary hurdles because ultimately, financiers make their money by lending you funds, not by denying them.


Accountants with experience in property are essential. Not only will they minimise your tax through depreciation and negative gearing, however, they’ll also ensure you’re complying with all relevant legislation.

In addition, they can advise on ownership structures, such as trusts and companies, that may help maximise your returns through clever long-term tax planning.

A financial planner (SMSF)

Like an accountant and property investment advisor, financial planners will seek ways to squeeze the most out of every dollar invested – this may mean identifying potential Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) opportunities.

The SMSF vehicle is an exceptionally clever way to invest for long-term returns and lower taxation, however it carries extraordinary levels of compliance. Ensure you have an SMSF financial advisor who can lead you along the correct path.

Support team members

In addition to your run-on team, there will times during the investment journey when you’ll need to call on other professionals to facilitate the moves.

Having a spot-on solicitor or conveyancer to handle legal affairs during the purchase means you’ll never be left wondering. While most conveyancers can deal with transactions in varied locations, it is preferable to have someone knowledgeable in the state and council legislative and planning matters particular to your investment purchase.

Quantity surveyors (QS) are an often-underutilised professional who can save you thousands in tax with a deprecation schedule. The cost of a QS report is usually offset by tax savings in year one of owning the asset. In addition, a QS can assess construction contracts and provide independent advice on building cost estimates so you can proceed with confidence.

Building Inspectors are your safety net professional during the progress and completion of a construction deal. Their role in guaranteeing your newly built investment ticks all the boxes for both compliance and quality makes them an essential supporting team member.

Property managers (PM) are your conduit for great tenant relationships. Talented PMs will select the best possible tenant from the pool of options. PMs are also across state-based legislation which sets out responsibilities for both you and your tenant under the lease agreement. In addition, PMs make sure your asset is well maintained. They can arrange contractors to attend to repairs, maintenance and other works if needed.

Finally, using an insurance broker to keep your insurance in order is a savvy move. Insurance brokers make sure you’re adequately covered as a landlord. They also shop around for the best deal on premiums. Again, make sure you’re dealing with an experienced broker as part of your team.

Having the right professionals onside simply makes good sense. Before you venture into any investment options, make sure your support crew are primed and ready to go. With them on hand you can plan to succeed and move quickly with confidence. The ASPIRE Property Advisor Network of professional independent property investment advisors can work with you to identify a proven professional team at every part of the investment journey.


Richard Crabb | MD ASPIRE Network | PIPA Board Member
Author: Richard Crabb | MD ASPIRE Network | PIPA Board Member

QPIA® - Qualified Property Investment Advisor | Licensed Real Estate Agent - VIC: 082760L - SA: RLA 292544 - QLD: 3579879 |Diploma of Financial Planning |Active Property Investor | Board member of PIPA - Property Investment Professionals of Australia. Richard is the Founder and Managing Director of the ASPIRE Advisor Network. After an extensive career in corporate finance and through his personal investing experience, Richard identified the need to create a system and framework that supports ethical, independent property investment advisors who operate in the new property market. The ASPIRE Advisor Network now supports independent property advisors across Australia by providing their business engine and acquisition process, designed around concepts of future compliance in the brand new property sector. Richard together with the ASPIRE team has also developed a complete end to end software platform, which is leading the way to deliver property investment advice in the new property space. Our goal is to work with investors to implement their goals and objectives buying investment properties across Australia, utilising a structure and information-rich end to end experience.

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